770.6 miles, that was what was on the car’s milometer when I pulled up on the driveway after a week away. The family had been to Devon, we left the previous Friday to visit the “English Riviera”. My only previous encounter with the South Coast had been a visit to... Continue reading >>


I can’t pinpoint exactly when, but I’ve come to the realisation that the daily routine I’ve worked so hard to build is broken. After a coffee & chinwag with my good friend Dan Furze, it seems that it’s not just me, which is always reassuring. I’m aware that everyone has... Continue reading >>

Dealing with rejection

“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success” - Bo Bennett. I’m not going to go into the full details, but twice in the space of 4 weeks I’ve been left having to deal with some kind of rejection. Now this isn’t a post... Continue reading >>

Burning the candle

The great thing about Marc’s‘30 day writing challenge’ is reading such a great cross section of varied content, as well as gaining a lot of inspiration. One of the themes I’ve enjoyed the most so far has been around people’s morning & evening routines. Some people get up early and... Continue reading >>

The now page

I like the idea of a now page. It’s got a point. It’s not on the site to bullshit, it’s there to tell people what you, or I, are doing now. From time to time I get asked what am I doing, what am I working on and if it’s... Continue reading >>

The 30 day writing challenge

I’ve known for a while that writing was going to be important to me this year, but as with all best laid plans… I started of on a really good footing, I quite quickly managed to rattle of more posts in a single month than I’d managed in the 5+... Continue reading >>


When it’s not there, life is tough, everything is a struggle, things you once enjoyed start to become a chore. Sound familiar to anyone? Several years ago, I hit this very problem, and it’s taken until now for me to properly speak up about it. So, why now? Simple really,... Continue reading >>

Workflow happiness

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had similar conversations with a few colleague & friends with regards website CMS’ systems and workflows, which in turn lead me to reflect on my current setup. After looking at various CMS platforms, recently and over the past few years, the choice is... Continue reading >>

A whirlwind 12 months

It’s now February 2016, almost a year to the day that Samuel was born, and things are only just beginning to slow down enough to actually gather my thoughts from the last 12 months. I always knew that 2015 was going to be a stand-out year due to the fact... Continue reading >>

UI overhaul

I’ve never truly been happy with my site, it’s always been in a state of redesign, typical for a UI dev, eh?! After installing Jekyll early last year I finally felt that I had the beginnings of something I was beginning to like and actually enjoy using. Fast forward a... Continue reading >>

2015 - A belated preview

This blog post is by no means going to cover the entire year, in-fact it may be irrelevant before it even gets published, all I will say is that this year is shaping up to be a good one, I can feel it. Towards the end of last year I... Continue reading >>


This site is built using Atom, generated with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. The theme – for the minute, is based on the Hyde template (with a number of tweaks and CSS improvements), so any similarities to any other sites is purely accidental – is far more custom as... Continue reading >>


So, after countless promises over the past few years, here we are! I’ve finally got round to sorting out my new site, it’s now running on Jekyll and is an absolute breeze to keep up to date. Hopefully as time progresses I’ll get round to adding a little more colour,... Continue reading >>

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